Friday, September 7, 2007

Crazy Notion - The Immigration Nation

Something just occurred to me.

I'm almost abashed to air this thought since it's so contrary to what all the
conservative initiates and talk-show hosts are saying.


Here travels nuthin'.

What if Godhead Supreme Being is bringing all those "illegal"people into our state
so that we who state we cognize Jesus can share our religion and do adherents of

I know, Iodine know. I'm well-acquainted with the impact they're having on our society
and economic system and security and, no, it makes NOT expression good in the natural. But I'm
basing this brainsick impression on some of God's past history with mankind. He have
shown some extremely originative ways of getting the Gospels out to full nations
in the past; why should modern United States be any different? Maybe He loves those
illegals enough to expose them to the American Church?

We all cognize how State Of Israel went from being a clump of slaves to a full-fledged nation. We certainly retrieve some once-powerful nations throughout history that are no
longer anywhere to be found. Here's another example: In China, between 1949 and
the mid 1980's, Christians were actively persecuted by the government. Church
leadership of all denominations were imprisoned and even killed. That left women -
with no instruction or leading accomplishments - to continue. First Corinthians 1:27 jumps
to mind. Although foreign missionaries and money were kept out all that time, it's
estimated that 60 million people came to Jesus during that time period with 25,000
converting day-to-day even today! The Church went underground. Put leadership emerged
and the Church was FORCED to completely depend upon the Holy Place Spirit. Other
states have got similar narratives to tell.

When I was in Book College in the mid-80's, a instructor from South Africa gave
a prophetic heads-up: "The Muslims are coming!" he said. I rolled my eyes in
disbelief. Personally, I knew of no 1 from the Center East at that clip in
Arlington, Texas. These days, the metropolis is crawling with these people. I once wrote
a piece of land entitled, "What Supreme Being desires Muslims to cognize about Christianity," a
loving, non-confrontational, thought-provoking piece, and mailed it to every
Center Eastern sounding name in the Arlington telephone book. I got all the manner up
to the missive "K" when Supreme Being blessed me with a free computer. Now, I have got this
online ministry that have reached billions ( since 1999. If we're faithful with the small things, Supreme Being do us rules over much. I read that
somewhere. Quite sobering.

Is the Holy Place Spirit sending illegals across our boundary lines so that America's Church
can share Jesus with them? Are we doing that (or are we waiting for them to
mouse across the boundary lines of our Christian churches to hear our very-American pastor
preach?)? If not, what are we afraid of? Have our Supreme Being given us a Spirit of Fear? NO! According to 2 Timothy 1:7, He have given us Power (the Holy Place Spirit), Love
(Agape Love), and a Sound Mind (the Mind of Christ).

Speaking of the mind, it's been said that the "imagi-nation" is the biggest state
on Earth - and far too many Christians dwell there. The word "repent" means,
literally, "to change one's mind." This line of thought travels against my "Born in the
USA" grain, too. But when I see that we are ALL foreigners here , just passing
through, and what our Great Committee is, given to us by Jesus Of Nazareth Himself, suddenly,
the whole foreigner issue gets falling apart. Folks, I'm as loyal as the adjacent guy, but
our Supreme Being is NOT an American. We had all better be Christians (literally meaning
"Little Christs") first and Americans SECOND. Let's attempt and appreciation the head of
Jesus on this issue. Let's seek God's position and inquire His will.

Contrary to popular thought, there are NOT merely two sides to every coin. Besides the "Head"and the "Tail," there stays the "SIDE." Is that God's side? If so, isn't that Whose side we should be on?

Just thinking.

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