Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Snakes, They Really Aren't That Bad

Some are scaly, some are smooth. Some are skinny, some are stout. Some are long, some are short. They've been around since the Garden of Eden - and Thanks to that baleful serpent, they've gained a bad reputation. However, serpents really aren't that bad. As a substance of fact, there are some pretty good chaps out there. Let's return a expression at some of the good guys.

The King Snake ( hence it name ) will not only maintain unwanted gnawers off of your place , it will also quit the country of the toxicant " bad cats ". Kingsnakes change in size and colour owed to the region. One of the most beautiful of the species is the Red Kingsnake, which resembles the awful Coral snake, however, the colour skein is different. With the Red Kingsnake, the reddish and yellowish sets are divided by black. Another differentiation between the two serpents is the colour of the serpents head. The Coral snakes caput is black, whereas the Red Kingsnakes is red.

Another "good cat " is the Common Garter snake. This serpent can pretty much be establish in any 1s backyard. This serpent feeds on pesty insects as well as mice and other rodents. They are harmless, non-aggressive small cats not growing over 36 inches

Last, but not least, let's give some well deserved recognition to the husbandmen best friend, after his domestic dog of course, the Rat Snake. This serpent can make some pretty heavy harm to the rat population. Most husbandmen welcome these cats because the eat pesty critters that injury their and may transport diseases that could impact their livestock.

So no substance what your position is on snakes. No substance how loud you scream when you see one. Just retrieve they are not so bad and rate a small respect.

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