Monday, September 10, 2007

Military Budget per Insurgent and Terrorist Killed Ratios Discussed

The United States of United States have the top military in the history of world and yet we only necessitate to look at the figs to see that we necessitate to go a much more than monetarily efficient violent death machine. Notice Iodine used the work "killing" and did so nonchalantly - the ground being is that is exactly what a military must make to protect the American People and our allies, resources, equipment and civilization.

I therefore suggest a "Terrorist Killed" ratio on all actions against our enemies. For instance, there have been talking of certifying the Persian Revolutionist Guard as "terrorists" and since 1/3 of their regular army are sworn self-destruction bombers, that verbal description suits fine. Since their regular army have 1 million people, we can significantly better our "kill ratios" per dollar spent and thus warrant such as increased expenditures. Let's be honorable with ourselves about the world of war.

This new ratio can help us in doing concern militarily in North Horse Opera Pakistan, Iran, and in Syrian Arab Republic or assisting in going after bad cats in Africa, Central United States or even Hezbollah. Cleaning up the World from "evil doers" is a positive thing for the species and it will help human civilisations in moving forward faster and everyone wins.

If we look at the Islamic Republic Of Iran budget for the after War struggles there, we see that we have got expended tons of money. Of course, we have got two state of the fine art alkalis there now. So, allows deduct the working capital improvement costs and see some figs of the figure of insurrectionists killed and the residual of the money spent since Saddam was brought to justness and hung. I believe that indeed would be a just appraisal of where we are really at. Sincerely, Lance.

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